Esker Technologies has installed a ZeroWire system on a Town of Lisbon (Wisconsin) Fire Department Intercept vehicle used to respond to both fire and EMS calls. ZeroWire uses the power bus to send command and control signals, eliminating the need for separate communication wiring. For the Lisbon FD vehicle, modules were installed in the front and rear of the truck that connected to the light bar, grille lights, side marker lights, taillights and Opticon system.


“ZeroWire will have a significant impact on reducing the time and labor costs associated with adding emergency lighting and other items to fire and police vehicles,” stated Lisbon’s Fire Chief Doug Brahm. “Especially with the tight budgets that departments like ours are facing, advanced technology like ZeroWire will save us money. It also provides the capability to add features and functions in the future without having to pull new wire through a vehicle,” Chief Brahm added.




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