Based on conducted emissions technology, ZeroWire provides power management capabilities and reduces or eliminates the dedicated wires that are needed to transmit data or commands in digital-based electrical control systems. This can reduce the weight and complexity of DC systems while enhancing performance. As a modular hardware and software system, ZeroWire can be configured to meet the requirements of the customer and is especially suited for applications where power monitoring and control is desirable or where large wiring harnesses or dedicated communications wires are used.

There are two major aspects to the ZeroWire technology:

1) The core capability that allows digital command and control signals to be transmitted and received over a direct current (DC) power bus; and

2) Applying that capability to address specific applications.


In working with our strategic partners to implement ZeroWire technology, Esker can provide just the hardware and software modules that enable transmission of digital signals over DC power wiring or, we can design a complete system to address a customer’s unique application requirements.