About Us Milestones and Recognition

Esker Moves Headquarters

To accomodate the need for increased space for R&D and production, in December 2013 Esker moved into a larger facility better suited for the research lab, PC board assembly, EMI and RFI testing, and product manufacturing and assembly areas. This commitment to increase in-house capability will enable Esker to better serve its customers and provide for future growth.


Esker Speaks About Advances In CE At Innovation Forum

The value proposition of utlizing Esker's conducted emissions (CE) technology in a variety of vehicle, industrial and medical applications was presented in October 2013 at the annual Innovation Forum sponsored by MPE. MPE designs and manufactures custom, high-value medical carts, consoles, tables, metal fabrications and assemblies for medical and electronic OEM's and organizes an annual gathering where advances in technology are presented and discussed.


ZeroWire Chosen As Best Application For Touch Screen PLC

Esker's ZeroWire was chosen in May 2013 as the best use of graphical user interface (GUI) applications for the touch screen programmable logic controller produced by ICP DAS. ICP DAS is a premier provider of industrial data communication, automation control and test and measurement products, specializing in PLC hardware, ethernet controllers, distributed I/O modules, industrial ethernet switches, PCI and ISA boards.


ZeroWire Featured at International Technical Conference

Esker was selected to present its ZeroWire Conducted Emissions technology at the 2012 TechConnect World conference. TechConnect is the world's largest innovation and partnering meeting of academic, government and industry/corporate technology developers.


ZeroWire Power Router Installed

In April 2012, a ZeroWire Power Router System was installed on a Town of Lisbon (Wisconsin) Fire Department Intercept vehicle that is used to respond to both fire and EMS calls. The power bus is used to send command and control signals, eliminating the need for separate communication wiring, and modules were installed in the front and rear of the truck that connect to the light bar, grille lights, side marker lights, taillights and Opticon system.


Innovative Business Model Recognized

Esker’s unique business model was recognized in an article in Wisconsin Technology Network News in April, 2011. The company’s commitment to developing strategic partnerships for innovative solutions is described.


Third Patent Application Filed

The third patent application is submitted and includes the use of the “cloud” and other advanced remote programming capabilities for the programming of ZeroWire Modules.


Second Patent Issued

The second ZeroWire patent is issued in December 2010 with an increased focus on the application specific capabilities of the technology. With unique electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) present in virtually every application, the ZeroWire method of signal transmission provides adaptability to work in different operating environments.


Power Router Introduced

The ZeroWire Power Router concept is introduced at the Police Fleet Expo show and conference in St. Louis, MO in August 2010. The programmable Router utilizes Esker’s conducted emissions digital technology and consists of input and output modules that serve different zones. This allows communication over the power bus in a vehicle. Various components and accessories can be connected to the power wiring, reducing cost, materials and weight by eliminating long-run wires required with conventional wiring such as CAN-bus and LIN.


ZeroWire for Aircraft Evaluated

Prototype evaluation testing of ZeroWire for commercial airplane cabin lighting and controls is successfully completed in January of 2009.  The system utilizes a dual metal rail configuration that runs the length of the cabin and it virtually eliminates all signal and control wires required for items such as call buttons, lighting and illuminated signs.


Technology Venture Funding Awarded

Esker Technologies is awarded a TVF loan by the Wisconsin Department of Commerce in 2008 for advancing ZeroWire technology. Esker was included in a select group of companies to receive this funding.


GM SEMA Design Award Received

ZeroWire was awarded General Motors SEMA Design Award for Most Innovative Product at the 2008 Specialty Equipment Marketing Association meeting.  SEMA is the second largest automotive industry show in the U.S. and ZeroWire was displayed on a 1961 split-window Corvette Fastback built by Street Rods Only.


250-Foot ZeroWire Range Achieved

With second generation conducted emissions technology, ZeroWire signals were transmitted and received over a DC power bus at distances of up to 250 feet in lab tests in 2007.


ZeroWire for Seat Controls Installed

A ZeroWire system to operate automotive seat controls is developed and installed in a test vehicle in July 2007. Testing was conducted over a 12 month period and was designed to demonstrate the value of ZeroWire in eliminating wires, improving performance and providing advanced diagnostics.


Seminal ZeroWire Patent Issued

The seminal ZeroWire patent, “Systems and Methods for Direct Current System Digital Carried Message Conveyance,” was issued December 2007 with a focus on the unique ability to transmit command and control signals in low voltage direct current applications where EMI and RFI interference exists.


Small Business Innovation Award Received

Esker Technologies is recognized for “Outstanding Achievement” by the Wisconsin Small Business Innovation Research Consortium in November 2006 for development and work on ZeroWire with the US Air Force.


Second Generation of ZeroWire Developed

In 2006, the next generation of ZeroWire was successfully installed in a high performance car. This “high output” version of the technology had improved adaptability with multiple currents and multiple functions as compared to the previous generation.


Custom Car Wiring System Designed

ZeroWire technology receives International New Product Award at the 2006 SEMA show in Las Vegas.  With ZeroWire, a complete vehicle wiring system can be installed in as little as 4 hours.


SBIR Grant for Satellite Applications Received

Esker is awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I program grant in May 2006 from the Department of Defense and Air Force to develop a ZeroWire prototype and conduct feasibility testing for applications on surveillance satellites.  The design goals included improved programmability, system weight reduction, lower development costs and improved serviceability.


ZeroWire Recognized

Esker Technologies is acknowledged in the nationally syndicated publication The Business Journal in February 2006 for developing ZeroWire.


First Generation of ZeroWire Developed and Tested

Proprietary transmit/receive messaging technique based on conducted emissions technology is developed by Esker in July 2005 and the first generation of ZeroWire is installed on test platforms.


Esker is Launched

Esker is launched in 2004 with the development of portable low pressure field test kits and the fabrication of proportional controllers for hydraulics and road salt spreaders. Production of specialized plastic valves and rings for protective suits also begins.