ZeroWire Example Application: Motorhome

Application: Eliminating Wiring Harnesses in Motorhomes

Opportunity/Challenge: Motorhomes and recreational vehicles can span over 40 feet in length and offer amenities from washers and dryers and side-by-side refrigerators to large flat screen TV’s and entertainment systems. Running through the chassis from front to back are large bundles of wires necessary to power and control all of the various items on the vehicle. Typical electrical problems are with relays, switches and connectors.  Motorhomes equipped with slide-outs, which increase interior space, can also fatigue wiring and connections due to rubbing/chafing and stress – resulting in failure and potentially the over-heating of components. Keeping the customer on the road is a priority and service is a key component of customer satisfaction for motorhome manufacturers. In addition, as with other applications, reducing weight in the vehicle is of primary importance in keeping operating costs as low as possible.

ZeroWire Solution: ZeroWire eliminates wiring harnesses and provides diagnostic capabilities to improve service response times and reduce maintenance costs. As a true multi-tasking system, ZeroWire can control multiple functions using the existing DC power bus in the motorhome. Either the components can be made “ZeroWire Smart” or modules can be strategically placed in the vehicle (e.g. one module at the front and one at the back) that connect the various components. Upgrades are also possible by adding items to the ZeroWire system.