ZeroWire Example Application: Marine


Application: Adding New Electronics To Ships


Opportunity/Challenge: Ships undergo nearly constant maintenance including repairs to the propulsion and steering systems as well as major electrical systems. Ships may also be converted for a new purpose and, whether a cruise ship, tanker or warship, the need to add new electronics such as monitors or sensors to update capabilities can be costly and complex. For example, if the navy desires to add a new ship-wide fire alarm and suppression system to one of its guided missile cruisers or aircraft carriers, it is not uncommon to have to pull new communications wiring throughout the ship through each bulkhead and hold to control the system. In addition to the expense, this may require new raceways or conduit that could compromise the integrity of the compartments (water and fire) that are affected.


ZeroWire Solution: As long as there is power to the area where it’s desired to add new electronics, ZeroWire enables a new sensor or monitoring system to be connected to the existing DC power wiring in the ship.  ZeroWire’s conducted emissions technology uses this wiring to communicate the command signals to control and operate these systems, eliminating the need to pull new wire throughout the ship – greatly saving time and costs as well as providing enhanced system diagnostics and upgradeability.