About Us How We Work


Our Business Model

Esker seeks strategic partners that can leverage the use of our technology to enhance their product offering, provide a competitive differentiator or create a new market opportunity. Rather than just “selling” a technology or product, Esker works to identify opportunities with key partners – they benefit from the unique capabilities enabled by our technology and we benefit from their market presence, access and knowledge. This is a synergistic business model that requires both parties to be actively involved in the relationship.


We’re Agile

Depending on the specific project or application, Esker will use its vendor and supplier associates in various aspects of design, development, prototyping and manufacturing. This allows us to respond quickly to opportunities while maximizing the expertise of our associates – ensuring that the performance, quality and reliability expected by our customers is delivered with each product.


We’re Flexible

Esker can accommodate various requirements from our strategic partners. This includes conducting testing to ensure that the technology solution meets specific certifications, providing privately labeled devices and components, and offering exclusivity in specific markets/applications based on unit sales commitments.